Late Spring Share 2018

Weekly Deliveries start May 3 and go through June 8th!

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Now available - the Late Spring Share! Sign up today to get weekly deliveries of the first of our spring veggies from the greenhouse, plus our tasty root storage crops! 

Never joined a CSA before? This is a great one to try! You'll experience an incredible array of vegetables for a limited time. 

Check out our delivery schedule here.


Our Vegetables 

Freshly harvested spring carrots!Freshly harvested spring carrots!

The Late Spring Share is filled with all the flavors of a new growing season! Every week you can expect our weekly salad greens, comprised of nutritious shoots, early lettuce, hardy claytonia, upland cress, spinach, and baby kale, chard, Asian greens, and brassicas. You can also expect bunches of mature greens like kale, mustard, mizuna, chard, pac choi, head lettuce, and more. Add to that our potatoes, carrots, beets, cabbage, and onions plus early season scallions, salad turnips, mini onions, bunched beets, baby fennel, cucumbers, radishes, and so much more!

Localvore Offerings

So many wonderful locally produced pantry items to stock your kitchen each week! You can expect regular deliveries of eggs, bread, and cheese, plus locally grown organic dry beans, grains, and honey. Sauces, like our farm-made pesto, chimichurri, slasa, and pizza sauce, add variety to accompany your veggies. Pizza dough, bagels, tortillas, hot sauce, applesauce, tempeh, tofu, oil, vinegar, popcorn, granola, yogurt, and cottage cheese are some of the items you might receive. Oh and don't forget the apples, berries, and mushrooms! 

Our CSA Share Types

Localvore Share  This is our most popular share.  It's designed to fill your fridge and pantry with enough vegetables and local staples to cook healthy and well each week.  We take care each week to combine vegetables with local items that work well together so that you have ingredients that go together in recipes.  And then we provide the recipes too! Price is $276 for 6 weeks.

Veggie Only Share provides a great (8-10 item) weekly selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens. price is $174 for 6 weeks worth of local, organic vegetables.

Half Veggie Only Share Appropriate for 1-2 people, the half share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables from Pete's Greens.  The price is $132 for 6 weeks worth of local, organic vegetables. 

Half Veggie w/ Pantry Share  This share is a smaller version of the Localvore Share.  Same amount of weekly pantry items as are in the Localvore share or the Pete's Pantry share, the half share provides a smaller (5-7 item) selection of seasonal organic vegetables.  The price is $234 for 6 weeks. 

Pete's Pantry Share provides the localvore items but not the vegetables. Price is $108 for 6 weeks.

Meat Share provides a variety of pastured, local and often organic meats.  The meat share is delivered once a month and may include our own Pete's Pastured Chicken as well as pastured meats, sausages, kielbasa, steaks, hams and more from our neighbors here in Vermont. The price is $100 for two deliveries -  May 3/4, and June 7/8.

Payment Options - NEW!!

Starting with the Late Spring Share, we are happy to offer payment by credit card! When you sign up online, you can now select an option to pay by check, credit/debit card, or SNAP. 

Credit card payments must be paid in full. A 3% transaction fee will be added to all credit card payments.

For the Late Spring Share, all shares must be paid in full before receiving deliveries.

Send checks payable to:

Pete's Greens

266 S. Craftsbury Rd

Craftsbury, VT 05826