Our forklift operator works on schedule with our washhouse crew pulling bins of veggies from storage to be prepped for sale.  The job is part equipment operator, part veggie washing and packing, with a good amount of inventory tracking, math, email communication and some computer work as part of the job.  The individual in this position also manages the organization of our working spaces, keeps the flow of bins moving to wherever they need to go, drives a tractor to haul away the daily compost, and generally keeps our storage areas and washhouse (the heart of our farm) organized and tidy.  A large part of day is spent packing veggies alongside our crew, stepping away to operate equipment as need arises throughout the day.

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To apply send a cover letter, and a copy of your resume along with references to jobs@petesgreens.com.  Please direct questions to jobs@petesgreens.com.