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Pete's Greens has been mentioned in many publications over the years.  Below is a list of the more recent mentions.  For media kits, contact  Amy Skelton with the subject heading MEDIA KIT.

Stuck in VT 248:  Pete's Greens Barn Warming
Stuck in VT 248: Pete's Greens Barn Warming

Pete's Greens:  Ready to Grow

December 2011 - Steve Legge at The Orleans Record recalls his evening spent at the Pete's Greens Barn Warming party where many folks involved in the rebuilding were invited to come celebrate the reconstruction with tours, a slide show, a locally inspired dinner by NECI and special musical guests the Chrome Cowboys. Special guests include Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Peter Welch and Governor Shumlin.
Isaac Jacobs heading a tour of the new facility at Pete's Greens

Isacc Jacobs heading a tour of the new facility
Isaac Jacobs heading a tour of the new facility at Pete's Greens

Pete Johnson addressing crowd at Pete's Greens Barn Warming

Pete Johnson addressing crowd at Pete's Greens Barn Warming

Stuck in VT 248: Pete's Greens Barn Warming

December 2011 - Eva Sollberger, one of our CSA members and Seven Days Reporter, puts together a fun video of her day at Pete's Greens Open House. Included are many interviews with Pete Johnson, Melissa Jacobs, Isaac Jacobs and many good video clips of the barn and greenhouses.

Improved Pete's Greens

Improved Pete's GreensOctober 2011 - In Sally Pollack's latest article about Pete's Greens, New and Improved Pete's Greens, for the Burlington Free Press, she describes how Pete's new barn will help increase production and improve working conditions. The article goes into detail about the the new barn that is under construction that now will house the wash-house, a state of the art storage cooler and freezer, on-farm kitchen, and offices. The article describes how the financial support of the community enabled Pete's Greens to get on their feet right away and what is to come, with commentary by Isaac Jacobs, who has been overseeing the construction at Pets's and Vern Grubenger, UVM's vegetable extension agent.

An Agricultural Renaissance
An Agricultural RenaissanceAugust 2011 - Joycew Marcel writes a wonderful free-lance article for The Vermont Business Magazine, An Agricultural Renaissance: Pete Johnson and Pete's Greens describing her visit to the farm. On her visit to Pete's Greens she was able to spend some one on one time with Pete and get some straight answers about the fire, how Pete was first introduced to agriculture and how his first steps to rebuilding after the fire were excuted. In addition Pete discusses how he has created the Vermont Farm Fund in partnership with the Center for an Agricultural Economy to "pay forward" and make available the generous donations he received to other farmers in need.

An Agricultural Renaissance: Pete Johnson and Pete's Greens

March 10, 2011 - Pete's Greens and Center for an Agricultural Economy to Create a New Vermont Farm Fund, Vermont Business Magazine

Fire Related News Articles

January 12, 2011 – Fire Destroys Craftsbury Barn, WCAX

January 20, 2011 – Community Works to Help Pete's Greens Recover From Fire, WCAX

January 28, 2011 – As Money Comes In, Pete Says He'll 'Pay Forward', Burlington Free Press

February 4, 2011 – Gov. Shumlin, Guys From Phish and an All-Star Band, Burlington Free Press

March 3, 2011 – After the Fire:  Pete's Greens, WCAX

March 19, 2011 – Supporters near and far rally around Pete's Greens, Burlington Free Press

December 30, 2010 - My Favorite Email Newsletter of 2010, Seven Days VT

October 5, 2010 - Vermont Business Magaizine Selects "Rising Stars",


April 2010 - Scientists have proposed compelling steps to ease specific kinds of environmental damage and slow consumption of certain resources. Bill McKibben, scholar in residence at Middlebury College and co-founder of climate acion group, maintains that to truly stop ruining the planet, society must break its most debilitating habit: growth.

In his new book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, McKibben argues that humankind, because of its actions, now lives in a fundamentally different world, which he calls "Eaarth". This celestial body can no longer support the economic growth model that has driven society for 200 years. To avoid our own collapse, we must instead seek to maintain wealth
and resources, in large part by shifting to more durable, localized economies.

In McKibbens following article, Breaking The Growth Habit , in Scientific America, McKibben makes his case by condensing findings from his book. In the sidebars, also condensed from the book, he provides examples of successful local farming and energy production operations in which Bill highlights Pete's Greens as creating "local food solutions" as well as other global energy solutions.

November 2009  - Dan Rather Reports airs a 30 minute program featuring The Center for an Agricultural Economy, Pete's Greens, High Mowing Seeds, Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont Soy, Claire's Restaurant, Buffalo Mounain Co-op, Highfields Institute and how all of these businesses are working together to create a local agriculturally based 21st century economy.  Watch the program.

August 2009 - Sally Pollak informs readers of the Burlington Free Press that Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse will be in Hardwick in mid September filming for his "Emeril Green" a Planet Green show that focuses on healthful, organic foods.  Emeril will shoot several episodes in the Hardwick area with visits to Pete's Greens, High Mowing Seeds and Jasper Hill Farm among others.  The first 60 minute program will air January 4, 2010.

July/August 2009 - For his article Building a Healthy Food System in Rural America in Eating Well Magazine David Goodman spends time in Hardwick interviewing key players in the local food economy that is fast developing there.  This is one of the more in depth articles telling the story of how a small band of innovative agricultural entrepreneurs are changing the face and the economics of their community.
June 2009 - Eva Sollberger interviews Pete on video for Seven Days VT.  In this fun video Pete discusses his vision for Vermont feeding itself and how Pete's Greens is actively pursuing the dream.  Viewers are treated to a glimpse of life on the farm and get a chance to "meet" Pete and Meg a bit as well.  Watch the video!
May 2009 - Art Adelstein profiles Pete's Greens for Vermont Business Magazine.
April 2009 - Ed Barna of the Vermont Business Magazine covers Addison County's Green Energy Expowhere Pete is the keynote speaker.  Pete talks about the the agricultural revolution taking place in Hardwick and the possibilities for Addison County if the community embraces a localized food based economy.
March 2009 - Mark Aiken interviews Pete for Eating Well Magazine's Meet the Farmer series.  Pete talks about the soil, moveable greenhouses and eating in season.
March 2009 - Sally Pollack profiled our CSA, Good Eats, in the Weekend Section of the Burlington Free Press. It gives a very good overview of our Spring Share and the CSA in general.

February 2009 - Nancy Humphrey Case examines Pete's new moveable greenhouse technology in the Christian Science Monitor.

December 2008 - Listen to Pete on a spot on NPR's Day to Day about the Center for an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick.

November 2008 - Pete's Greens participates in a community effort to make and distribute Thanksgiving pies made from all local ingredients for the Food Bank in Hardwick. In a true spirit of cooperation, many farms, businesses and public institutions work together to spread a little wholesome sweetness.

October 2008 - Marian Burros of the New York Times was up in the Hardwick area to profile the agricultural business revolution that is being led by the likes of Tom Stearns, Andrew Meyer, the Kehler brothers, Pete and others via the Center for an Agricultural Economy.

September 2008 - Seven Day's Suzanne Podhaizer looks at the Ag-Centric Enterprises springing up in Hardwick and the Center for an Agricultural Economy of which Pete's Greens is a part.

August 2008 - When the Vermont Agency of Agriculture introduced its new quick-freeze trailer for preserving produce, it just happened to park at Pete's Greens. Here Pete and Meg take a look at the inside.

July 2008 - After taking the farm tour at our Open House in July, the following Country Folks Blog entry appeared online, highlighting what's growing at Pete's Greens.

July, 2008 - Vermont Magazine digs into Pete's vision for the farm and for the local food economy as a whole.

June, 2008 - New England Cable News visited Pete's Greens to talk about local food as a strategy to stretch one's food dollar


May, 2008 - Vermont Life featured Pete on the cover for this issue dedicated to Vermont food and its farmers. Pete was highlighted as one of the 15 people who have transformed the Vermont food landscape. The cover was beautifully photographed by Natalie Stultz.

April 23, 2008 - The Boston Globe Lifestyles section profiles the innovations Pete employs to provide fresh vegetables in Vermont all year long. Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent, also included his own recipe using sauerkraut from the farm.

February 26, 2008 - Pete's Greens is featured on VPR during Morning Edition. The segment highlights the Good Eats CSA and its role in providing year-round local food to Vermonters. Listen Here.

January 18, 2008 -Pete's Greens joins with the Mad River Valley Localvores and Rootswork to donate root vegetable seconds to Valley schools. Both the Valley Reporter and Waterbury Record covered the donation.

January 2008-The winter issue of Local Banquet profiled Pete, the farm and the CSA.

October 3, 2007 - Vermont Today details Pete's Greens plan for the upcoming year and the upcoming Montpelier Winter Farmer's Market.

April 1, 2007-Business article in the Burlington Free Press, Birds of a Feather, by Leslie Wright

February 13, 2007-Feature article in Burlington Free Press by Melissa Pasanen.

February 2, 2007-Pete was on the radio show, Equal Time with Anthony Pollina where they talked about what is happening at the farm and how Pete's Greens is involved in trying to make a difference in our local food and economy.

February 2007-Food & Wine Magazine-an article about how to eat like a Localvore with great recipes.

November/December 2006 - Livin' Magazine- blurb about our winter share in an article about year-round local food in Vermont

October 2006 - Seven Days - write up about our Good Eats CSA.

September 13, 2006 -The Barton Chronicle - article by Joseph Gresser about Pete's Greens.  Here's a little bit about what they had to say: "Today Pete Johnson's business depends on growing and shipping the vegetables served in high-end restaurants as far asway as New York City. But the proprietor of Pete's Greens is planning on a future in which people eat what grows close to home." "He (Pete) envisions the day when communities have such facilities as the village grain mill, root cellar and cheese maker. This future will owe a great deal to the past, by choice rather than necessity."

Summer 2006 - Middlebury Magazine- in an article about alums, a quick blurb about what Pete is doing now: "If you live inthe Northeast, chances are you've happened upon some of Pete's greens."

VT Commons Article: Written by Pete Johnson in October 2005.